Instead of requesting our API to see the who has and has not voted for your bot, you can now use webhooks! Webhooks will send a POST request to a URL of your choice when your bot has been voted for.

Discord Webhooks used to be well-supported but is no longer supported anymore due to ratelimits.

Custom Webhooks

For Users with a Custom Webhook Server you can start by setting up your webhook URL in the edit form of your bot on our site, it can be found at under the Custom Webhook Url section of the edit form. Once you've entered the URL you want the webhook to be sent to and provide a secret, you're all set! If you need help setting up custom webhooks inside of your bot or web server don't be afraid to ask in our discord server (opens in a new tab) in the 》api-support channel.


  1. On the edit page you can see another input for Secret or Secret Auth. Here you can provide a shared secret that you can check for on the server side.
  2. To verify requests are coming from us, look for the value in the Authorization header and make sure it is the same as the value you provided in the form.


  • Webhooks sent by must be acknowledged with a 2XX status response (like 200) in order to be considered successful.
  • Unsuccessful webhooks will trigger a retry.

Official libraries will be setup to acknowledge webhooks automatically in the near future.


Responses to webhooks must be returned within 5 seconds, otherwise they are considered a timeout and will be queued for a retry (if available).


  • Webhook requests that time out or return a 5XX status response (like 500) will be retried up to 10 times.
  • Errors resulting with status 4XX (like 404, 403 or 400) will not be retried as these are considered user errors.

Data Format

The format of the data your webhook URL will receive in a POST request.

Bot Webhooks

botIDThe Discord ID (Snowflake) for the Bot who Recieved a Vote
userIDThe Discord ID (Snowflake) of the User who Voted
userNameThe Username of the User who Voted
countThe Bots new Vote Count
timestampThe Date and Time of the Vote
typeThe TYPE of Request (Should always be "VOTE" or "TEST" for test Requests)

More Events

Looking for webhook events other than votes? They will be available in a Future Update.